We would deeply regret your decision to cancel your cruise to Vietnam, however we realize that there are many valid reasons that this can happen.

If the cancellation is made by customers, the cancellation fee will be applied as below:

  • 30 days before arrival: No cancellation charge.
  • 29 - 14 days before arrival: 10% of the tour cost is forfeited.
  • 13 - 7 days before arrival: 40% of the tour cost is forfeited.
  • 6 days before arrival: 100 % of the tour cost is forfeited.
  • No show: 100% of the tour cost is forfeited.

1. What is the bad weather that might occur in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is located in the north of Vietnam. The weather of Halong Bay is the coastal climate. There are two distinct seasons in each year: summer from May to October and winter from November to April next year.

Summer (from May to October): This is hot season in Halong bay, as is stormy season. There are usually more than 5 storms coming to Halong bay in this season.
Winter (from November to April next year): This is cold season in Halong Bay. The bad weather may occur in Halong Bay are: foggy, monsoons, cyclone and thunderstorm.
Some kinds of bad weather are forecasted in advance from 2 to 3 days (storm, typhoon...) while some are not (monsoons, cyclone, thunderstorm...).

Therefore, the cancellation may be informed before you leave Hanoi to Halong Bay or when you arrive in Halong Bay.

2. What are Cancellation Policies due to bad weather?

All cruises in Halong Bay must have permission from Management Board of Halong Bay to stay overnight in the Bay.
Based on the weather conditions (high winds, monsoon, thunderstorm, cyclone, storm,...), the Management Board has the authority to cancel all cruises on certain day to guarantee the safety of tourists.

In those cases, following policies will be applied:
 - If the cancellation is informed before you leave Hanoi to Halong Bay (you have not used any service yet): 100% refund.
 - If the cancellation is informed during the trip (you have already used some services: transfer, lunch, day trip, hotel in Halong,...): Only the fee of these services will be charged and we will refund whole remain amount
 - If the trip is cut down from 3 days/2 nights to 2 days/1 night, we will charge as 2 days/1 night trip, plus other services you have already used and refund the remain amount.

Important Notes:
 - The cancellation is announced ONLY by the Management Board of Halong Bay and often in short notice of time. Therefore your understandings in these situations are highly appreciated
 - The period from May to July is considered as storm weather in Halong Bay with many unpredictable weather conditions. Hence more cruises will be cancelled with short notice during this season.
 - In all cases, please contact our consultants directly for any urgent help. We are here to support you with all of our best!

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