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The tour was excellent. everything came out as expected or even better.
You were very helpful always. You attended all of our requests as expected, fast and kindly.
Hotels were wonderful. Ho Chi Minh's and Yagon's not so good but it's understandable because they are big cities. They had good location though.

The only critic would be that some guides were a bit difficult to understand because of their accent.
Their knowledge was excellent, they where very helpful, friendly, funny, etc.....
Another suggestion would be that the guides should ask what type of restaurant do we prefer.
With one or two exceptions, we were usually taken to very expensive tourist restaurants with prices at list 5 times the prices of normal restaurants, for the same food. Despite money, we had the greatest moments in local restaurants instead of tourist restaurants getting to feel the local life.

We had a great vacation. Totally recommendable!!!!
thank you for all!

Martin, Argentina

I want to thank you for the beautiful and interesting tour that you prepare for us,
We enjoy very much, of the view and the nice people of Vietnam.
I specially want to thank you for the effort for the comfortable room in the last night in Hanoi.
Every think was on time and perfectly organized !
I would like to know after the birth how are you,
Keep in touch
A big hug for you and your family

Gilda Hilo, Israel

Thankyou for the birthday wish for William, you made his day. I would also like to thank you for everything you did for us on our trip we had a wonderful time and would use S Vietnam again. I have been recommending you to my friends and I also filled in a testimonial, I hope you received it, you may have even received it twice. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Christine & William Parker, Australia

Thank you very much, our trip was excellent. I really appreciate all the effort and the perfect organization.

we had a minor situation with the plane from Camboda - from Siem reap to Hanoi: at first they changed flight time from 8.10 to 7.15.. - and we didn't check that and saw that only at the airport, and after that Vietnam Arlines people didn't want to check us into the flight because for second entry into Vietnam within 30 days they said we needed a visa. They spent 30-40 minutes finding out about visas.. I told them that we can get a visa at Hanoi airport or even spend the night at the airport because we had a morning flight to Moscow from Hanoi. Anyway they wasted 30 minutes discussing that. I felt very nervous. we almost missed the flight. Luckily they finally checked us into our flight 15 minutes before departure)) So in case with 2 entries into Vietnam it might be wise to get visa beforehand - if going to Cambodia. Because Cambodians acted strangely.

Anyway everything was great. Thanks again. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and hope I'll be able to visit Vietnam again.

Vadim Matorin, Russia

 We are all safe and happy to be back home .
Our flight was delayed in HK as dragon air from Hanoi was delayed by 90 mins .
So we spent an extra 24 hours in HK .

The itinerary as presented by you was very enjoyable by all of us .
We left Vietnam with much pleasant memories and really enjoyed the warmth and hospitality Vietnam offers .

I would endeavour to train your guides to be more conversant in english ,those that were did an excellent job that tour becomes more enjoyable .
So please don't disregard the Hoian chap ,he just needs to practice to talk better English .

Best wishes to you and your son for 2015 .

I see you as becoming a friend of our international family and invite to be so !
Tell me more about yourself ?

I intend persuing some business interest in importing furniture and building materials from Vietnam .
Perhaps you could become a part of this.

Thiru Govender & family, South Africa

 We had a very nice experience travelling with Vietnam Travel and also thank you for your patience and disposition for making changes.

I just wanted to comment that we will not recommed to anybody the Avani Resort, it was my choice, but it was a wrong one. The facilities are nice but the maintenance leaves a lot to desire as well as the food, drinks, cleaning, etc. It looks like it is a Chinese tourist destination as the 95% of the guests seemed to be from China, this is not bad to the extent that unforntunalety they do not care about cleaning, etc.

Thank you again and for sure we will recommed your business to our friends

Cynthia Castaneda, Australia

 We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on this holiday and we look forward to another trip to Vietnam, covering places like Sapa, Danang, Hue and Hoi An. Once we have our travel plans firmed up, we will gladly contact you to assist in our travel arrangements.

Many thanks and we wish you and family a happy, healthy 2015. Do call when you visit Singapore.

Stella & Thim Fook, Singapore

 We were very happy with the level of professionalism of all our local guides and the drivers and we always felt safe and comfortable in their care. They were extremely helpful in recommending restaurants to eat at and showed genuine concern when we returned from Sapa not feeling well. We have no suggestions as to improving the service and we have already made recommendations to friends to visit Vietnam.

Margo, New Zealand

 We had a very enjoyable trip. The assistance provided by Ms. Nguyen setting up our trip was excellent. All our tour guides and drivers were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Some of them however were a little difficult to understand. There English was good, but some were much easier to understand than others. The most inconvience was the long wait we had at the airport after our trip to Ha Long bay. We were at the airport for a long time before our flight to Hue. Other than that things went very well.

Diana Ashley, Australia

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